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The Dark And Lonely

A Year In Tockholes Wood

In January 2015 I paid my first visit to Tockholes wood. I'd been past it several times on my way down to Roddlesworth wood ( both woodlands are near to Darwen in East Lancashire ) but it was only as I recovered from foot surgery and needed some gentle walking exercise that I discovered the beauty that is Tockholes wood.

That first day was dry and cold with a couple of fine snow flurries but I remember remarking to my husband that it would make a cracking location on a misty day......little did I know that that day would come sooner than I expected.

I very rarely plan my photography days as most of my images are shot during days out walking or on holiday but in February 2015 the forecast one weekend was for fog/mist locally so I knew the opportunity had arrived for me to return to Tockholes to see what I could capture.

It was extremely damp and cold when I arrived and visibility was close to zero in some parts of the wood. The mist swirled between the great beech trees and moisture beaded on the bare branches before dropping to the ground - the atmosphere was incredible.

I spent a good hour to ninety minutes shooting that day and was thrilled with the results. It was after producing a small album of shots that I decided to set myself a project for the year. I will return to the wood in spring summer and autumn this year recording the changing seasons and at the end of the year I plan to publish a book of photographs and prose dedicated to  a year in the life of Tockholes Wood.

I will post regular updates on the project including photographs but for now you can view the first taster of the book here

Tockholes Wood - The Ascension Of Spring

My next visit was in May 2015 and spring had made it's mark on the wood. Everywhere new shoots were appearing , bright curtains of green abounded and the odd bluebell nodded lazily basking in the early sunshine.

Gone was the  mood that had greeted me earlier in the year, no longer was she dark and lonely but bright and welcoming ........

Tockholes Wood -  A Summer Flamenco

Summer saw me making a very brief visit to the wood.

The trees were in full leaf and were very green. It wasn't a typical sunny day so there were shadows as well as patches of lovely warm light through the canopy.

I liked the way these trees curved round as if making a gently winding corridor inviting you to enter .

Tockholes Wood - The Autumn Bride © Jane Ball Landscapes. All Rights Reserved

Another misty day but this time all the beautiful golden colours of autumn reigned in the wood.

It was very atmospheric as the mist swirled in and around the trees.

This was my favourite time to photograph Tockholes Wood - I love autumn and when the weather plays ball by adding some lovely soft mist it's absolutely magical.